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We’re even available 24hrs a day for repair emergencies that just can’t wait! Highly reviewed by hundreds of people throughout the Macon & Middle Georgia area, you can trust in our reputation for excellence in everything we do, from impeccable workmanship to caring customer service. Go with the best in the industry—go Thiel Heating & Cooling! Ready for our AC experts to handle your heating and air conditioning needs in or near Macon, GA?

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The heating and cooling systems in your home are some of the most important components in your house, and they’re the only thing that’s keeping your home comfortable to live in throughout the year. If these systems start to break down, you could find yourself without a comfortable place to live. That’s why it’s so important to have access to a top-rated air conditioning company in Macon, GA such as Thiel Heating and Cooling, for repair and maintenance help. This local company is well-known for its reliable services, fast reaction times, and for being an honest provider offering help with AC repair in Macon. The company offers a variety of different HVAC services, including maintenance, repairs, new installations, and some air purification services as well as Commercial HVAC Services.

HVAC Maintenance Services
One of the keys to keeping your home’s heating and cooling systems running right is regular maintenance. Thiel Heating and Cooling offers maintenance HVAC services near Macon you can use to keep your HVAC system running right. If you call this provider, you can schedule Macon HVAC services that will help your system run more efficiently and prevent future problems from occurring. The company will send out a technician to your home to clean out your heat exchanger, lubricate all the moving parts and check the condition of the components of your system that are most likely to wear out. This company is responsible and reliable when it comes to its HVAC services in Macon, making it one of the leading resources available when you need help with your Air Conditioning Systems.

AC Repair
If the AC system in your home fails, it will quickly become too warm to live in comfortably. Fortunately, Thiel Heating and Cooling offers rapid Macon AC repair services. The company has 24 Hour emergency HVAC Services that residential and commercial customers can call when they need help outside of standard business hours. If you find yourself searching for air conditioning repair near me, the business has many highly-trained technicians that know how to make repairs to the most common central air units found throughout Georgia and Thiel Heating and Cooling works on All Brands. Talk to the business when you’re searching for AC repair near me and to resolve your issues fast.

Heating Repair
While heating systems may not be as important in Middle Georgia as AC is, it’s still important in the middle of Winter. Thiel Heating and Cooling offers dependable Heating repair in Macon and is a certified TRANE Comfort Specialist to work on those systems and offer the best service for your HVAC needs. The company provides HVAC repair near me and can make repairs to heating units rapidly. If your furnace isn’t producing heat, call Thiel Heating and Cooling and get help rapidly before your home gets too cold this Winter.

Air Purification Services
Air quality can be a major issue in many homes. Many homeowners are suffering from allergies and other breathing problems because of the poor air they have circulating around their space. Thiel Heating and Cooling is an air conditioning company that offers air purification services as well. The company provides filtration systems, dehumidifiers, and full air purification systems as well. Talk with a representative about having one of these systems installed in your home and learn what services will help your home’s air quality the most.
If you are searching for air conditioning company near me, then you’ve found the right one!

New Installation Services
Along with providing air conditioning repair in Macon, Thiel Heating and Cooling offers full system installations too. If your HVAC system fails completely and it’s too old for repairs to be worthwhile, you can work with this company to have a full new system put in as quickly as possible. We Service both residential and commercial clients and look forward to helping you in your next HVAC System Installation

Upfront Pricing and Financing Services
HVAC repair in Macon, as well as other heating and cooling services, can be expensive in some instances. That’s why customers appreciate Thiel Heating and Cooling for providing upfront pricing information, so they know what they’re expected to pay. If you’re in need of Macon air conditioning repair, or you need a full HVAC system replacement, you can get access to financing services as well to help you cover more substantial or unexpected costs.

Thiel Heating and Cooling is a full-service heating and cooling company. This Macon air conditioning company is a reliable resource for repairs, maintenance, and system installations for both residential and commercial applications and should be one of the first providers you call when you’re in need of help fast.

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